My passion for photography started the moment I walked into my father’s studio as a child. For my 15th birthday, I received the best gift from my dad; the opportunity to work with him. Looking back, it seems like I learned most of life’s lessons in that 200 square foot space. I knew then that photography was going to be my destiny.


At the age of 20, I had my first photo published on the cover of a magazine in Taiwan. After my first accomplishment, I felt that it was time for a bigger challenge. I decided to pick up my things and move to the U.S; after all, it is the land of opportunity. I enrolled in the Art Institute of Houston for multimedia design. With the completion of my degree, I was ready to build a future with my beautiful girlfriend. After our wedding, I was determined to capture the emotions of joy and love on a wedding day and make them everlasting. That was the beginning of my career in wedding photography. In 2011, my wife, Apple, and I were blessed with a precious baby girl. From the moment I laid eyes on Norah, I knew I wanted to spend as much time as possible watching her grow.


I began working at an oil and gas company in corporate photography. It gave me the opportunity to challenge my creativity. In two years, I was awarded with two Lantern Awards from the Business Marketing Association for original photography and promotional videography.


Every idea leads to an opportunity. When I am simply relaxing outdoors or challenging myself in a new marathon, I think back to the idea I had about photography being my destiny. Now I know that it isn’t just my destiny, it is my legacy.